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Healthy Lifestyle Retreat for Girls

Our Healthy Lifestyle Retreat for Girls will teach you how to have a healthy relationship with food, your body & yourself!

Poor body image can affect self-esteem and general well-being, reduce participation in social activities, and lead to serious health issues such asdepression, social isolation & eating disorders.

The day’s retreat will include mindfulness activities, yoga, nutrition for ‘looking after me’ and a cooking class (lunch), and scrapbooking with a focus on self-expression, self-respect and self-acceptance.

Also, a talk for parents & carers about fostering self-acceptance throughout the teenage years by developmental psychologist Melissa K Cox.


Stay calm… be a Cool Cat!


Are you an Angry Bird or a Worryosaurus?

A fun and creative program that helps you understand the good and bad of getting mad or getting stressed out. Learn how to relax your body and chill out, keep your cool when other’s bug you and learn how to be the boss of your worries.

Develop coping strategies and problem-solving ideas that work for YOU.

“Conquer the road blocks to fun & friendship” 


Connecting with Challenging Children

Are you a parent or carer with a child who is easily annoyed, often angry, argumentative, defiant and/or oppositional.

This course is not about giving a ‘one size fits all approach’, it is more about developing an understanding of yourself and your child to enhance relationships, as well as work-shopping a variety of tools for you to utilise within that relationship.

Topics covered include:

Personality – identifying personality types of family members and why it is important.

Parenting style – what is your parenting style?

Partnership parenting –  identifying values and agreeing on a united approach.

Mindful parenting – understanding, and the ability to remain calm in the face of stress.

Behavioural strategies for the child with challenging behaviour.


Connecting with Challenging Teens

Are you finding it hard to connect with your Teen? Not sure how to navigate the journey from child to adult with your Teen? Do you find your Teen becoming non-communicative, withdrawn, irritable, argumentative, defiant?

Wavelengths is offering a parenting group for parents of teenagers or soon-to-be teenagers who are showing signs of challenging teenage behaviours.

Learn to understand where this behaviour is coming from and develop and foster a positive relationship with your teenager and reduce conflict in the family home.

WL Mate 10 

The Matecraft Club

A fun and creative small-group program that helps kids tune in to social cues, demystify playground politics, identify their social strengths and weaknesses and gain confidence and social smarts.

Learn to trouble-shoot friendship fallouts and practice how to approach, and when to back off.


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